Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Post

For my first post I thought it should be a doozy. So here it is and enjoy!

This last week was well a typical week, but it was so full of adventure that I just had to put it in writing. Last Sunday we were at church and the nursery leader came to my class with Nacho (Landon) because he had poop. So in the middle of my primary class I had to change him. While I was in the bathroom changing Nacho the nursery leader came in with Jbug and she had to go poop. It never fails with a family that is on the same schedule you could have 6 kids pooping at the same time. I am not exaggerating. Thank goodness the older ones have a little more control and can hold it. Back to the bathroom scene. The Nursery leader saw me and said "you got this!" of course this is normal, right! Well Jbug gets done and starts yelling "Wipe me teacher!" So I help her out and we wash hands well she notices the teacher is missing. So she say's "where's my teacher?" I proceed to tell her the teacher is in the class room while chasing Nacho into a stall to stop him from getting into a toilet. Jbug runs out of the bathroom yelling "Teacher where are you? Teacher....teacher....teacher!" by the time I get in the hallway Jbug is pounding with her fist on the door yelling "Teacher let me in!!!" While out in the hallway all the primary leaders are watching and laughing. They told me it was so great to see a child so enthusiastic about going to nursery and usually it is the other way around. I am always the entertainment for church no matter where I am living. I was in the Sam's Club restroom with Jbug. She was trying to go poop and the electric toilet kept flushing. I kept telling her she had to hurry and get done or else it will keep flushing. After the forth flush she said exasperated "look, me can't do this right now!" I dropped off Coora(Corra her story will be later, so stay tuned!) Jbug always yells "me love you Corra." Usually it is after the door has shut and I have already told Coora I love her. Jbug asked me "you love corra?" I say "yes, I love Coora." Jbug "You love Daddy though?" Me "Yes I love daddy. Do you love Daddy?" Jbug had to think for a little bit and she said "His breath stink though!" This was Monday and fast Sunday was the day before.
I was staring at Nacho one day and he looked at me and said "What?" It was so clear that I was totally shocked. He doesn’t really talk with such clarity. He love's music and will dance to any kind. Even with anyone's ring tone. We were in the store and while waiting to check out a lady's phone was playing a song, Nacho starts showing us his moves. The lady was very impressed so she didn't answer. He now run's to the bathroom yelling poopoo and want's to do it on the toilet. He never gets it right but try's anyways.
Ajianay never ceases to amaze me. She is a very deep thinker and she has allot on her mind. She was thinking about my cousin who had passed away and she wanted to talk about it. We had a very detailed talk about life and death and heaven. She scares me a little. She told a primary leader that she see's angels all the time. Latter that day the leader came to me and told me what Ajia had said then she proceeds to say "As Ajia was telling me I had goose bumps and I believe what she was saying was true! Some children have that gift and she is one of them." Ajianay's art abilities still astounded me. She can read now and write a little.
Kiersten is a free little spirit. She loves to be friends with everyone and is kind of a loaner because of this. I went on a field trip with her and she didn't really hang out with any children but they all new her and would tag along for a little bit then go find someone else. We did have a really good time together though. The teachers told me that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up which astonishes us since she really struggles in school. They say she can be an art teacher though because she has fantastic are abilities. Apparently all of my children are very creative. I wonder where that comes from.
Tyson was doing homework and Daddy was helping. Tyson was really struggling with a problem and Chino asked "What did you learn in school, What do you know about this problem?" Tyson said "Dad I don't know, I am just a forth grader!" He has had a very rough year and a teacher that we have all had problems with. But we are proud to say he is not failing and is averaging a c but are biggest achievement is math. He has a B!!! I think he is doing better because we started soccer. He is like his Mom not a very good winter person. We need are SUN!! He is at an age were the room is a mess, could care less about a shower and his clothes all have holes in them. Thank goodness Chino works with a lady who's son is growing and they have to get rid of all his small clothes. He is a Mamma's boy right now and hangs on me all the time. Which is actually kind of annoying since he is smelly! Another really cool thing about him is....well first I have to say I never thought I would see my son's play together with the 10 year gap. Tyson play's with Nacho all the time. It is the sweetest thing to watch. They wrestle, chase each other and throw the ball. I even watched them play with cars. They have a special bond. Must be a brother thing. Girls don't do that until the grow up. Some times that takes a while!
On to Coora. She got this new nickname in Young Women’s. The leaders etched all the girls names in mirrors. Corra's name got a little messed up. So now we all just have fun with it and call her Coora. In school she got the respectful award. It is like the student of the month awards. She is very beautiful and has a couple crushes, I am having issues with that. She has a school dance coming up and talks about it all the time. She is such a hard worker that I worry she doesn’t have enough fun. In church she is the first councilor and has tremendous responsibility since the president is a big flake and Coora has to do every thing. She dose everything with less complaining then I would do that is for sure.
My turn....Soccer started and that means it is crazy. Chino has worked 16's and extra rotations that he hasn't been home in the evenings as much. I have had to cover him during scouts for the last three weeks. Which I will have to say I hate!! Every time he works his night shift it seems like that is when the kids have soccer or something. For example Thursday Tyson had soccer practice in the middle of town at 6:00 then Kiersten had soccer at 6:15 back the other way past our house. Then Ajia was on the other end of town past Tyson at 6:30. I had to leave Coora with Kiersten at the place closest to the house so they could walk home if I couldn't get there in time. It was a mile and a half. Dropped Tyson off since he is a big boy. And I stayed with Ajianay. Mind you it is 30 degrees out side.
We also had Missionary's coming on Friday and Elder's Quorum breakfast and soccer games on Saturday.(remember our time difference so we watched conference at 11:00) Cleaned house on Friday since that is the only time. I mopped the kitchen floors(I am getting you ready for the next story) and we had a yummy dinner. Then Chino went with the missionary's to give an Ethiopian lady the discussion's. We went to the church on Saturday morning and had breakfast. I took 9lbs of bacon and there still wasn't enough. We had a really big turn out. A couple of the girls and I decided we should all get together and do games since the husbands will be gone for priesthood. While we were having breakfast I had a few phone calls saying the soccer games were canceled do to all the snow that was falling....Can you believe it snowing in April I wanted to cry. All though I did get to watch all of conference. When we got home in-between conferences I cleaned house again since people were coming. I had to mop the floors again since someone spilled and dripped all through the kitchen. Then after the afternoon session we got dinner ready and I had to mop again since someone spilled chocolate milk. After that last mop I said that is it no one spill another thing or I will kill someone. The men left and the women came over. We were talking and having a good time when all of the sudden one of my friends say's oh no I look over and we all rushed over cause Nacho had spilled pink nail polish all over my kitchen floors and oven and cabinet's and himself. I was mad!! My friends and I started cleaning. Mean while Coora comes in with a friend and wanted to scream. The friend say's "I am taking Corra to my house since it looks like you might kill her!" So my girl friends and I cleaned the floor on our hands and knees for an hour. Tyson helped us it was so nice of him. We let him play games with us when we were through. The men came back and complained that smelt like we were doing girly things! And I was disappointed that they didn't say anything about treating your wives better. The men usually come back humbled and the wives get treated kinder for a while. Oh well can't have it all! Then the couples stayed until 12:30 playing games, we had a great time. Then during Conference on Sunday Nacho got into Coora's makeup and took off a poopy diaper. I also just got a phone call from Chino saying "Hey do we have room at the house for Bryce(guy from school) To stay for a week? Of course we have room so I have to feed and house another guy. My week just get’s better. If it snow's again I will be in a corner crying!!!!!!